Waste Portraits: In March 2015 I confronted my garbage to become more aware of my consumption. In doing so I found beauty in what makes me human. I made collections, or portraits of myself, extracted from my garbage. This caused me to question my mortality and wonder what I will, or will not, leave after I’m gone. This is an ongoing series.

1_Waste Portrait 2314 Cotton Swabs
2_Waste Portrait 2396 Coffee Cups
3_Waste Portrait 2405 Cotton Rounds
5_Waste Portrait 3639 Haircuts
©Zibisky_Collection_ 2432-04-Final
6_Waste Portrait 3474 Teabags
12_Waste Portrait 2576 Feminie Hygiene Product large
8_Waste Portrait 023467 Toothbrushes
16_Waste Portrait 3646 Makeup Applicators_02
13_Waste Portrait 2368 Maxi Pad Wrappers
10_Waste Portrait 2572 Toilet Paper Rolls
11_Waste Portrait 2437 Napkins
15_Waste Portrait 3599 Hairbrush Hair
16_Waste Portrait 3583_Coffee Pods
18_Waste Portrait 3605 Face Cleaning Pads
14_Waste Portrait 2365 Panty Liner Papers
17_Waste Portrait 3611 Mineral Makeup
9_Waste Portrait 2587 Feminie Hygiene Product small